Class OmemoStore<T_IdKeyPair,​T_IdKey,​T_PreKey,​T_SigPreKey,​T_Sess,​T_Addr,​T_ECPub,​T_Bundle,​T_Ciph>

  • Type Parameters:
    T_IdKeyPair - IdentityKeyPair class
    T_IdKey - IdentityKey class
    T_PreKey - PreKey class
    T_SigPreKey - SignedPreKey class
    T_Sess - Session class
    T_Addr - Address class
    T_ECPub - Elliptic Curve PublicKey class
    T_Bundle - Bundle class
    T_Ciph - Cipher class
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CachingOmemoStore, FileBasedOmemoStore, SignalOmemoStore

    public abstract class OmemoStore<T_IdKeyPair,​T_IdKey,​T_PreKey,​T_SigPreKey,​T_Sess,​T_Addr,​T_ECPub,​T_Bundle,​T_Ciph>
    extends Object
    Class that presents some methods that are used to load/generate/store keys and session data needed for OMEMO.