Class CachingOmemoStore<T_IdKeyPair,​T_IdKey,​T_PreKey,​T_SigPreKey,​T_Sess,​T_Addr,​T_ECPub,​T_Bundle,​T_Ciph>

  • Type Parameters:
    T_IdKeyPair - the type of the id key pair.
    T_IdKey - the type of the id key.
    T_PreKey - the prekey type
    T_SigPreKey - the signed prekey type.
    T_Sess - the session type.
    T_Addr - the address type.
    T_ECPub - the EC pub type.
    T_Bundle - the bundle type.
    T_Ciph - the cipher type.
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class CachingOmemoStore<T_IdKeyPair,​T_IdKey,​T_PreKey,​T_SigPreKey,​T_Sess,​T_Addr,​T_ECPub,​T_Bundle,​T_Ciph>
    extends OmemoStore<T_IdKeyPair,​T_IdKey,​T_PreKey,​T_SigPreKey,​T_Sess,​T_Addr,​T_ECPub,​T_Bundle,​T_Ciph>
    This class implements the Proxy Pattern in order to wrap an OmemoStore with a caching layer. This reduces access to the underlying storage layer (eg. database, filesystem) by only accessing it for missing/updated values. Alternatively this implementation can be used as an ephemeral keystore without a persisting backend.