Class LeaveRoom

  extended by org.xmpp.packet.Packet
      extended by org.xmpp.packet.Presence
          extended by org.xmpp.muc.LeaveRoom

public class LeaveRoom
extends Presence

Initial presence sent when joining an existing room or creating a new room. The JoinRoom presence indicates the posibility of the sender to speak MUC.

Code example:

 // Join an existing room or create a new one.
 JoinRoom joinRoom = new JoinRoom("", "");


Gaston Dombiak

Nested Class Summary
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Presence.Show, Presence.Type
Field Summary
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docFactory, element, fromJID, toJID
Constructor Summary
LeaveRoom(java.lang.String from, java.lang.String to)
          Creates a new Presence packet that could be sent to a MUC service in order to leave the room.
Method Summary
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addChildElement, createCopy, getChildElement, getPriority, getShow, getStatus, getType, isAvailable, setPriority, setShow, setStatus, setType
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addExtension, deleteExtension, getElement, getError, getExtension, getFrom, getID, getTo, setError, setError, setFrom, setFrom, setID, setTo, setTo, toString, toXML
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Constructor Detail


public LeaveRoom(java.lang.String from,
                 java.lang.String to)
Creates a new Presence packet that could be sent to a MUC service in order to leave the room.

from - the full JID of the user that wants to leave the room.
to - the room JID. That is the room address plus the nickname of the user as a resource.

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