Package org.jivesoftware

Interface Summary
MainWindowListener The MainWindowListener interface is one of the interfaces extension writers use to add functionality to Spark.

Class Summary
LoginDialog Dialog to log in a user into the Spark Server.
LoginSettingDialog Allows users to configure startup options.
MainWindow The MainWindow class acts as both the DockableHolder and the proxy to the Workspace in Spark.
Restarter Used to restart spark on a sleep thread to allow for XMPP URI Mapping.
Spark In many cases, you will need to know the structure of the Spark installation, such as the directory structures, what type of system Spark is running on, and also the arguments which were passed into Spark on startup.
SparkStartupListener Uses the Windows registry to perform URI XMPP mappings.
Uninstaller Performs registry operations on removal of the Spark client.