Class StreamError

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Element, FullyQualifiedElement, NamedElement, Nonza, TopLevelStreamElement, XmlLangElement

    public class StreamError
    extends AbstractError
    implements Nonza
    Represents a stream error packet. Stream errors are unrecoverable errors where the server will close the underlying TCP connection after the stream error was sent to the client. These is the list of stream errors as defined in the XMPP spec:
    Stream Errors
    bad-format the entity has sent XML that cannot be processed
    unsupported-encoding the entity has sent a namespace prefix that is unsupported
    bad-namespace-prefix Remote Server Timeout
    conflict the server is closing the active stream for this entity because a new stream has been initiated that conflicts with the existing stream.
    connection-timeout the entity has not generated any traffic over the stream for some period of time.
    host-gone the value of the 'to' attribute provided by the initiating entity in the stream header corresponds to a hostname that is no longer hosted by the server.
    host-unknown the value of the 'to' attribute provided by the initiating entity in the stream header does not correspond to a hostname that is hosted by the server.
    improper-addressing a stanza sent between two servers lacks a 'to' or 'from' attribute
    internal-server-error the server has experienced a misconfiguration.
    invalid-from the JID or hostname provided in a 'from' address does not match an authorized JID.
    invalid-namespace the streams namespace name is invalid.
    invalid-xml the entity has sent invalid XML over the stream.
    not-authorized the entity has attempted to send data before the stream has been authenticated
    policy-violation the entity has violated some local service policy.
    remote-connection-failed Rthe server is unable to properly connect to a remote entity.
    resource-constraint Rthe server lacks the system resources necessary to service the stream.
    restricted-xml the entity has attempted to send restricted XML features.
    see-other-host the server will not provide service to the initiating entity but is redirecting traffic to another host.
    system-shutdown the server is being shut down and all active streams are being closed.
    undefined-condition the error condition is not one of those defined by the other conditions in this list.
    unsupported-encoding the initiating entity has encoded the stream in an encoding that is not supported.
    unsupported-stanza-type the initiating entity has sent a first-level child of the stream that is not supported.
    unsupported-version the value of the 'version' attribute provided by the initiating entity in the stream header specifies a version of XMPP that is not supported.
    not-well-formed the initiating entity has sent XML that is not well-formed.

    Stream error syntax:

       <defined-condition xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'/>
       [<text xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'
       OPTIONAL descriptive text
       [OPTIONAL application-specific condition element]