Class MemoryUsageMonitor

  • public class MemoryUsageMonitor
    extends Object
    Records meory usage (based on the 'heap') of Openfire. This monitor, which is intended to be used as a singleton, records the heap-based memory usage directly after each garbage collection event. It is intended to be used to inform end-users about the current memory consumption of Openfire, excluding any memory that is taken up by instances that are eligble for garbage collection.
    Guus der Kinderen,
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    • Method Detail

      • getMemoryUsageAfterLastGC

        public MemoryUsageMonitor.MemoryUsage getMemoryUsageAfterLastGC()
        Returns the memory usage of Openfire as it was recorded directly after the last garbage collection event. When garbage collection has not yet occurred (eg: shortly after startup), the current memory usage will be returned.
        Memory usage statistics.