Package org.jivesoftware.openfire.user

Provides the interfaces and classes necessary to create custom user account data providers for Openfire.

User accounts are handled separately from authentication. The three primary interfaces to implement are the UserIDProvider, UserAccountProvider, and UserInfoProvider. An overview of how these providers should be implemented and how they interact is described in the User Account Provider Guide included in the Openfire distribution.

There are several Roster (a.k.a. Buddy List) related classes in the user package. Developers are strongly discouraged from implementing custom RosterProvider classes. Roster provider implementation is complicated and should be left to the Jive JDBC implementation if at all possible. There are no disadvantages in implementing user account data with custom providers to integrate Openfire with a CRM or ERP user system, while leaving roster storage in Jive's standard JDBC database tables. (Note: Openfire comes with JDBC and LDAP user account providers 'out of the box'. It is expected that LDAP will accommodate many enterprise integration needs).