Class POP3AuthProvider

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    public class POP3AuthProvider
    extends Object
    implements AuthProvider
    An AuthProvider that authenticates using a POP3 server. It will automatically create local user accounts as needed. To enable this provider, set system properties as follows:
    • provider.auth.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.POP3AuthProvider
    • provider.user.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.user.POP3UserProvider
    The properties to configure the provider are as follows:
    • -- (required) the name (or IP) of the POP3 server.
    • pop.port -- the port of the POP3 server. The default value is 110 for standard connections and 995 for SSL connections.
    • pop3.domain -- the mail domain (e.g.
    • pop3.authRequiresDomain -- set this to true if the POP3 server requires a full email address for authentication ( rather than just a username (foo). The default value is false.
    • pop3.ssl -- true if an SSL connection to the POP3 server should be used. The default is false.
    • pop3.debug -- true if debugging output for the POP3 connection should be enabled. The default is false.
    • pop3.authCache.enabled -- true if authentication checks should be cached locally. This will decrease load on the POP3 server if users continually authenticate. The default value is false.
    • pop3.authCache.size -- the maximum size of the authentication cache (in bytes). The default value is 512 K.
    • pop3.authCache.maxLifetime -- the maximum lifetime of items in the authentication cache (in milliseconds). The default value is one hour.
    Sean Meiners