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Class RoomConfiguration

  extended by org.xmpp.packet.Packet
      extended by org.xmpp.packet.IQ
          extended by org.xmpp.muc.RoomConfiguration

public class RoomConfiguration
extends IQ

RoomConfiguration is a packet that helps to set the configuration of MUC rooms. RoomConfiguration is a speacial IQ packet whose child element contains a data form. The data form holds the fields to set together with a list of values.

Code example:

 // Set the fields and the values.
 Map> fields = new HashMap>();
 // Make a non-public room
 List values = new ArrayList();
 fields.put("muc#roomconfig_publicroom", values);

 // Create a RoomConfiguration with the fields and values
 RoomConfiguration conf = new RoomConfiguration(fields);


Gaston Dombiak

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Constructor Summary
RoomConfiguration(Map<String,Collection<String>> fieldValues)
          Creates a new IQ packet that contains the field and values to send for setting the room configuration.
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Constructor Detail


public RoomConfiguration(Map<String,Collection<String>> fieldValues)
Creates a new IQ packet that contains the field and values to send for setting the room configuration.

fieldValues - the list of fields associated with the list of values.

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