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Class DestroyRoom

  extended by org.xmpp.packet.Packet
      extended by org.xmpp.packet.IQ
          extended by org.xmpp.muc.DestroyRoom

public class DestroyRoom
extends IQ

DestroyRoom is a packet that when sent will ask the server to destroy a given room. The room to destroy must be specified in the TO attribute of the IQ packet. The server will send a presence unavailable together with the alternate room and reason for the destruction to all the room occupants before destroying the room.

When destroying a room it is possible to provide an alternate room which may be replacing the room about to be destroyed. It is also possible to provide a reason for the room destruction.

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Constructor Summary
DestroyRoom(JID alternateJID, String reason)
          Creates a new DestroyRoom with the reason for the destruction and an alternate room JID.
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Constructor Detail


public DestroyRoom(JID alternateJID,
                   String reason)
Creates a new DestroyRoom with the reason for the destruction and an alternate room JID.

alternateJID - JID of the alternate room or null if none.
reason - reason for the destruction or null if none.

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