Interface EmbeddedPacketExtension

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ConfigurationEvent, EventElement, ItemsExtension

public interface EmbeddedPacketExtension
extends PacketExtension

This interface defines PacketExtension implementations that contain other extensions. This effectively extends the idea of an extension within one of the top level Packet types to consider any embedded element to be an extension of its parent. This more easily enables the usage of some of Smacks parsing utilities such as PacketParserUtils.parsePacketExtension(String, String, org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParser) to be used to parse any element of the XML being parsed.

Top level extensions have only one element, but they can have multiple children, or their children can have multiple children. This interface is a way of allowing extensions to be embedded within one another as a partial or complete one to one mapping of extension to element.

Robin Collier

Method Summary
 List<PacketExtension> getExtensions()
          Get the list of embedded PacketExtension objects.
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getElementName, getNamespace, toXML

Method Detail


List<PacketExtension> getExtensions()
Get the list of embedded PacketExtension objects.

List of embedded PacketExtension


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