Package org.jivesoftware.smackx.filetransfer

Interface Summary
FileTransferListener File transfers can cause several events to be raised.
OutgoingFileTransfer.NegotiationProgress A callback class to retrieve the status of an outgoing transfer negotiation process.

Class Summary
FaultTolerantNegotiator The fault tolerant negotiator takes two stream negotiators, the primary and the secondary negotiator.
FileTransfer Contains the generic file information and progress related to a particular file transfer.
FileTransferManager The file transfer manager class handles the sending and recieving of files.
FileTransferNegotiator Manages the negotiation of file transfers according to JEP-0096.
FileTransferRequest A request to send a file recieved from another user.
IBBTransferNegotiator The In-Band Bytestream file transfer method, or IBB for short, transfers the file over the same XML Stream used by XMPP.
IncomingFileTransfer An incoming file transfer is created when the FileTransferManager.createIncomingFileTransfer(FileTransferRequest) method is invoked.
OutgoingFileTransfer Handles the sending of a file to another user.
Socks5TransferNegotiator Negotiates a SOCKS5 Bytestream to be used for file transfers.
StreamNegotiator After the file transfer negotiation process is completed according to JEP-0096, the negotiation process is passed off to a particular stream negotiator.

Enum Summary
FileTransfer.Status A class to represent the current status of the file transfer.


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