Class WorkgroupQueue.Status

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    public static final class WorkgroupQueue.Status
    extends Object
    A class to represent the status of the workgroup. The possible values are:
    • WorkgroupQueue.Status.OPEN -- the queue is active and accepting new chat requests.
    • WorkgroupQueue.Status.ACTIVE -- the queue is active but NOT accepting new chat requests.
    • WorkgroupQueue.Status.CLOSED -- the queue is NOT active and NOT accepting new chat requests.
    • Field Detail

      • ACTIVE

        public static final WorkgroupQueue.Status ACTIVE
        The queue is active but NOT accepting new chat requests. This state might occur when the workgroup has closed because regular support hours have closed, but there are still several requests left in the queue.
    • Method Detail

      • fromString

        public static WorkgroupQueue.Status fromString​(String type)
        Converts a String into the corresponding status. Valid String values that can be converted to a status are: "open", "active", and "closed".
        type - the String value to covert.
        the corresponding Type.