Class OmemoMessage.Sent

    • Method Detail

      • getIntendedDevices

        public Set<OmemoDevicegetIntendedDevices()
        Return a list of all devices the sender originally intended to encrypt the message for.
        list of intended recipients.
      • isMissingRecipients

        public boolean isMissingRecipients()
        Determine, if some recipients were skipped during encryption.
        true if recipients were skipped.
      • buildMessage

        public Message buildMessage​(MessageBuilder messageBuilder,
                                    Jid recipient)
        Return the OmemoElement wrapped in a Message ready to be sent. The message is addressed to recipient, contains the OmemoElement as well as an optional clear text hint as body, a MAM storage hint and an EME hint about OMEMO encryption.
        messageBuilder - a message builder which will be used to build the message.
        recipient - recipient for the to-field of the message.
        the build message.