Class LdapAuthorizationPolicy

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    public class LdapAuthorizationPolicy
    extends Object
    implements AuthorizationPolicy
    Provider for authorization using LDAP. Checks if the authenticated principal is in the user's LDAP object using the authorizeField from the system properties. An entry in that file would look like the following:
    • ldap.authorizeField = k5login
    This implementation requires that LDAP be configured, obviously.
    Jay Kline
    • Constructor Detail

      • LdapAuthorizationPolicy

        public LdapAuthorizationPolicy()
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      • authorize

        public boolean authorize​(String username,
                                 String principal)
        Returns if the principal is explicitly authorized to the JID, throws an UnauthorizedException otherwise
        Specified by:
        authorize in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        username - The username requested.import org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.*;
        principal - The principal requesting the username.
        true is the user is authorized to be principal
      • name

        public String name()
        Returns the short name of the Policy
        Specified by:
        name in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        The short name of the Policy
      • description

        public String description()
        Returns a description of the Policy
        Specified by:
        description in interface AuthorizationPolicy
        The description of the Policy.