Interface AuthorizationPolicy

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultAuthorizationPolicy, LdapAuthorizationPolicy

    public interface AuthorizationPolicy
    This is the interface the AuthorizationManager uses to conduct authorizations.

    Users that wish to integrate with their own authorization system must implement this interface, and are strongly encouraged to extend either the AbstractAuthoriationPolicy or the AbstractAuthorizationProvider classes which allow the admin console manage the classes more effectively. Register the class with Openfire in the openfire.xml file. An entry in that file would look like the following:

    Jay Kline
    • Method Detail

      • authorize

        boolean authorize​(String username,
                          String principal)
        Returns true if the principal is explicitly authorized to the JID
        username - The username requested.
        principal - The principal requesting the username.
        true is the user is authorized to be principal
      • name

        String name()
        Returns the short name of the Policy
        The short name of the Policy
      • description

        String description()
        Returns a description of the Policy
        The description of the Policy.