Class ListenerEventDispatcher

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    public class ListenerEventDispatcher
    extends Object
    implements Runnable
    This class is a very flexible event dispatcher which implements Runnable so that it can dispatch easily from a newly created thread. The usage of this in code is more or less: create a new instance of this class, use addListenerTriplet to add as many listeners as desired to be messaged, create a new Thread using the instance of this class created as the argument to the constructor, start the new Thread instance.

    Also, this is intended to be used to message methods that either return void, or have a return which the developer using this class is uninterested in receiving.

    • Method Detail

      • addListenerTriplet

        public void addListenerTriplet​(Object listenerInstance,
                                       Method listenerMethod,
                                       Object[] methodArguments)
        Add a listener triplet - the instance of the listener to be messaged, the Method on which the listener should be messaged, and the Object array of arguments to be supplied to the Method. No attempts are made to determine whether this triplet was already added.
        Messages are dispatched in the order in which they're added via this method; so if triplet X is added after triplet Z, then triplet Z will undergo messaging prior to triplet X.
        This method should not be called once the owning Thread instance has been started; if it is called, the triplet will not be added to the messaging queue.
        listenerInstance - the instance of the listener to receive the associated notification
        listenerMethod - the Method instance representing the method through which notification will occur
        methodArguments - the arguments supplied to the notification method
      • hasFinished

        public boolean hasFinished()
        Has finished.
        whether this instance has finished dispatching its messages