Class FileBasedOmemoStore.FileHierarchy

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    public static class FileBasedOmemoStore.FileHierarchy
    extends Object
    This class represents the directory structure of the FileBasedOmemoStore. The directory looks as follows: OMEMO_Store/ 'romeo@montague.lit'/ //Our bareJid ... 'juliet@capulet.lit'/ //Our other bareJid '13371234'/ //deviceId identityKeyPair //Our identityKeyPair lastSignedPreKeyRenewal //Date of when the signedPreKey was last renewed. preKeys/ //Our preKeys '1' '2' ... signedPreKeys/ //Our signedPreKeys '1' '2' ... contacts/ 'romeo@capulet.lit'/ //Juliets contact Romeo activeDevice //List of Romeos active devices inactiveDevices //List of his inactive devices 'deviceId'/ //Romeos deviceId identityKey //Romeos identityKey session //Our session with romeo trust //Records about the trust in romeos device (lastReceivedMessageDate) //Only, for our own other devices: //date of the last received message