Class OctTreeQuantizer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class OctTreeQuantizer
    extends Object
    implements Quantizer
    An image Quantizer based on the Octree algorithm. This is a very basic implementation at present and could be much improved by picking the nodes to reduce more carefully (i.e. not completely at random) when I get the time.
    • Method Detail

      • setup

        public void setup​(int numColors)
        Initialize the quantizer. This should be called before adding any pixels.
        Specified by:
        setup in interface Quantizer
        numColors - the number of colors we're quantizing to.
      • addPixels

        public void addPixels​(int[] pixels,
                              int offset,
                              int count)
        Add pixels to the quantizer.
        Specified by:
        addPixels in interface Quantizer
        pixels - the array of ARGB pixels
        offset - the offset into the array
        count - the count of pixels
      • buildColorTable

        public void buildColorTable​(int[] inPixels,
                                    int[] table)
        A quick way to use the quantizer. Just create a table the right size and pass in the pixels.
        inPixels - the input colors
        table - the output color table