Spoiler Messages


Spoiler Messages can be used to indicate that the body of a message is a spoiler and should be displayed as such.


To get an instance of the SpoilerManager, call SpoilerManager manager = SpoilerManager.getInstanceFor(connection); This will automatically add Spoilers to the list of supported features of your client.

The manager can then be used to add SpoilerElements to messages like follows: ``` Message message = new Message();

// spoiler without hint SpoilerElement.addSpoiler(message);

// spoiler with hint about content SpoilerElement.addSpoiler(message, "End of Love Story");

// spoiler with localized hint SpoilerElement.addSpoiler(message, "de", "Der Kuchen ist eine Lüge"); ```

To get Spoilers from a message call Map<String, String> spoilers = SpoilerElement.getSpoilers(message);