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Smack Readme

version: @version@
released: @releasedate@

Thank you for downloading Smack! This version of Smack is compatible with JVMs @targetCompatibility@ or higher. Using a build system which is able to consume Maven artifacts, like gradle or Maven, is highly recommended when using Smack.

This is not the real README. Please visit
for the README of the current stable Smack version.

If you dont' use a dependency resolution system, like gradle or maven, then you will need to download at least the Xml Pull Parser 3rd Edition (XPP3) library or any other library that implements the XmlPullParser interface (like kXML) and the set of jXMPP libraries.

Start off by viewing the documentation that can be found in the "documentation" directory included with this distribution.

Further information can be found on the Smack website. If you need help using or would like to make contributions or fixes to the code, please visit the online forum.

Changelog and Upgrading

View the changelog for a list of changes since the last release.

License Agreements