Push Notifications

Allows to manage how XMPP servers deliver information for use in push notifications to mobile and other devices.

XEP related: XEP-0357

Get push notifications manager

PushNotificationsManager pushNotificationsManager = PushNotificationsManager.getInstanceFor(connection);

Check push notifications support

boolean isSupported = pushNotificationsManager.isSupportedByServer();

Enable push notifications

pushNotificationsManager.enable(pushJid, node);

or pushNotificationsManager.enable(pushJid, node, publishOptions); pushJid is a Jid

node is a String

publishOptions is a HashMap<String, String> (which means [option name, value])

Disable push notifications

pushNotificationsManager.disable(pushJid, node);

pushJid is a Jid

node is a String

Disable all


pushJid is a Jid

Remote disabling of push notifications

// check if the message is because remote disabling of push notifications
if (message.hasExtension(PushNotificationsElements.RemoteDisablingExtension.ELEMENT, PushNotificationsElements.RemoteDisablingExtension.NAMESPACE)) {
  // Get the remote disabling extension
 PushNotificationsElements.RemoteDisablingExtension remoteDisablingExtension = PushNotificationsElements.RemoteDisablingExtension.from(message);

  // Get the user Jid
  Jid userJid = remoteDisablingExtension.getUserJid();

  // Get the node
  String node = remoteDisablingExtension.getNode();