Multi-User Chat Light

Allows configuration of, participation in, and administration of presenceĀ­less MultiĀ­-User Chats. Its feature set is a response to mobile XMPP applications needs and specific environment.

XEP related: XEP-xxxx

Obtain the MUC Light Manager

MultiUserChatLightManager multiUserChatLightManager = MultiUserChatLightManager.getInstanceFor(connection);

Obtain a MUC Light ------------------

MultiUserChatLight multiUserChatLight = multiUserChatLightManager.getMultiUserChatLight(roomJid);

roomJid is a EntityBareJid

Create a new room

multiUserChatLight.create(roomName, occupants);

or multiUserChatLight.create(roomName, subject, customConfigs, occupants);

roomName is a String

subject is a String

customConfigs is a HashMap<String, String>

occupants is a List<Jid>

Destroy a room


Leave a room


Change room name


roomName is a String

Change subject


subject is a String

Set room configurations


or multiUserChatLight.setRoomConfigs(roomName, customConfigs); customConfigs is a HashMap<String, String> (which means [property name, value])

roomName is a String

Manage changes on room name, subject and other configurations

// check if the message is because of a configurations change
if (message.hasExtension(MUCLightElements.ConfigurationsChangeExtension.ELEMENT, MUCLightElements.ConfigurationsChangeExtension.NAMESPACE)) {
  // Get the configurations extension
  MUCLightElements.ConfigurationsChangeExtension configurationsChangeExtension = MUCLightElements.ConfigurationsChangeExtension.from(message);

  // Get new room name
  String roomName = configurationsChangeExtension.getRoomName();

  // Get new subject
  String subject = configurationsChangeExtension.getSubject();

  // Get new custom configurations
  HashMap<String, String> customConfigs = configurationsChangeExtension.getCustomConfigs();


Get room information

Get configurations

MUCLightRoomConfiguration configuration = multiUserChatLight.getConfiguration(version);

version is a String

or MUCLightRoomConfiguration configuration = multiUserChatLight.getConfiguration();

  // Get room name
  String roomName = configuration.getRoomName();

  // Get subject
  String subject = configuration.getSubject();

  // Get custom configurations
  HashMap<String, String> customConfigs = configuration.getCustomConfigs();

Get affiliations

HashMap<Jid, MUCLightAffiliation> affiliations = multiUserChatLight.getAffiliations(version);

version is a String

or HashMap<Jid, MUCLightAffiliation> affiliations = multiUserChatLight.getAffiliations();

Get full information

MUCLightRoomInfo info = multiUserChatLight.getFullInfo(version);

version is a String

or MUCLightRoomInfo info = multiUserChatLight.getFullInfo(); ``` // Get version String version = info.getVersion();

// Get room Jid room = info.getRoom();

// Get configurations MUCLightRoomConfiguration configuration = info.getConfiguration();

// Get occupants HashMap<Jid, MUCLightAffiliation> occupants = info.getOccupants(); ```

Manage room occupants

To change room occupants: multiUserChatLight.changeAffiliations(affiliations); affiliations is a HashMap<Jid, MUCLightAffiliation>

Manage occupants modifications

// check if the message is because of an affiliations change
if (message.hasExtension(MUCLightElements.AffiliationsChangeExtension.ELEMENT, MUCLightElements.AffiliationsChangeExtension.NAMESPACE)) {
  // Get the affiliations change extension
  MUCLightElements.AffiliationsChangeExtension affiliationsChangeExtension = MUCLightElements.AffiliationsChangeExtension.from(message);

  // Get the new affiliations
  HashMap<EntityJid, MUCLightAffiliation> affiliations = affiliationsChangeExtension.getAffiliations();


Discover MUC Light support

Check if MUC Light feature is supported by the server

boolean isSupported = multiUserChatLightManager.isFeatureSupported(mucLightService);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

Get MUC Light services domains

List<DomainBareJid> domains = multiUserChatLightManager.getLocalServices();

Get occupied rooms

List<Jid> occupiedRooms = multiUserChatLightManager.getOccupiedRooms(mucLightService);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

Start a private chat

Chat chat = multiUserChatLight.createPrivateChat(occupant, listener);

occupant is a EntityJid

listener is a ChatMessageListener

Send message to a room

Create message for an specific MUC Light

Message message = multiUserChatLight.createMessage();

Send a message to an specific MUC Light


message is a Message

Manage blocking list

Get blocked list

// Get users and rooms blocked
List<Jid> jids = multiUserChatLightManager.getUsersAndRoomsBlocked(mucLightService);

// Get rooms blocked
List<Jid> jids = multiUserChatLightManager.getRoomsBlocked(mucLightService);

// Get users blocked
List<Jid> jids = multiUserChatLightManager.getUsersBlocked(mucLightService);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

Block rooms

// Block one room
multiUserChatLightManager.blockRoom(mucLightService, roomJid);

// Block several rooms
multiUserChatLightManager.blockRooms(mucLightService, roomsJids);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

roomJid is a Jid

roomsJids is a List<Jid>

Block users

// Block one user
multiUserChatLightManager.blockUser(mucLightService, userJid);

// Block several users
multiUserChatLightManager.blockUsers(mucLightService, usersJids);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

userJid is a Jid

usersJids is a List<Jid>

Unblock rooms

// Unblock one room
multiUserChatLightManager.unblockRoom(mucLightService, roomJid);

// Unblock several rooms
multiUserChatLightManager.unblockRooms(mucLightService, roomsJids);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

roomJid is a Jid

roomsJids is a List<Jid>

Unblock users

// Unblock one user
multiUserChatLightManager.unblockUser(mucLightService, userJid);

// Unblock several users
multiUserChatLightManager.unblockUsers(mucLightService, usersJids);

mucLightService is a DomainBareJid

userJid is a Jid

usersJids is a List<Jid>