Group Chat Invitations

The group chat invitation extension is used to invite other users to a group chat room.

XEP related: N/A -- this protocol is outdated now that the Multi-User Chat (MUC) XEP is available (XEP-45). However, most existing clients still use this older protocol. Once MUC support becomes more widespread, this API may be deprecated.

Inviting Other Users

To use the GroupChatInvitation packet extension to invite another user to a group chat room, address a new message to the user and set the room name appropriately, as in the following code example:

Message message = new Message("");
message.setBody("Join me for a group chat!");
message.addExtension(new GroupChatInvitation(""));

The XML generated for the invitation portion of the code above would be:

<x xmlns="jabber:x:conference" jid=""/>

Listening for Invitations

To listen for group chat invitations, use a StanzaExtensionFilter for the x element name and jabber:x:conference namespace, as in the following code example:

StanzaFilter filter = new StanzaExtensionFilter("x", "jabber:x:conference");
// Create a packet collector or packet listeners using the filter...