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Smack Readme

version: 3.0.1.beta1
released: 04/07/2007

Thank you for downloading Smack!

Start off by viewing the documentation that can be found in the "documentation" directory included with this distribution.

Further information can be found on the Smack website. If you need help using or would like to make contributions or fixes to the code, please visit the online forum.

About the Distribution

The smack.jar file in the main distribution folder is the only binary file required for embedding XMPP functionality into client applications. The optional smackx.jar contains the Smack extensions while smackx-debug.jar contains an enhanced debugger.

If you downloaded the developer release, the full source of the library is included in the source directory and can be compiled using the build scripts found in the build directory (please see the README file in the build directory for further details).

Changelog and Upgrading

View the changelog for a list of changes since the last release.

License Agreements