Class WebSocketClientConnectionHandler

  • @WebSocket
    public class WebSocketClientConnectionHandler
    extends Object
    This class handles all WebSocket events for the corresponding connection with a remote peer, analogous to the function of NettyClientConnectionHandler for TCP connections. Specifically the XMPP session is managed concurrently with the WebSocket session, including all framing and authentication requirements. Packets received from the remote peer are forwarded as needed via a SessionPacketRouter, and packets destined for the remote peer are forwarded via the corresponding RemoteEndpoint.
    • Field Detail


        public static final SystemProperty<Boolean> KEEP_ALIVE_FRAME_PING_ENABLED_PROPERTY

        public static final SystemProperty<Duration> KEEP_ALIVE_FRAME_PING_INTERVAL_PROPERTY
    • Constructor Detail

      • WebSocketClientConnectionHandler

        public WebSocketClientConnectionHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • onConnect

        public void onConnect​(org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.api.Session session)
      • onClose

        public void onClose​(int statusCode,
                            String reason)
      • onTextMethod

        public void onTextMethod​(String stanza)
      • onError

        public void onError​(Throwable error)
      • getMaxIdleTime

        public Duration getMaxIdleTime()
        Returns the max duration that a connection can be idle before being closed.
        the max duration that a connection can be idle.