Class StreamManagementPacketRouter

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    public class StreamManagementPacketRouter
    extends SessionPacketRouter
    This class extends Openfire's session packet router with the ACK capabilities specified by XEP-0198: Stream Management. NOTE: This class does NOT support the XEP-0198 stream resumption capabilities. XEP-0198 allows either party (client or server) to send unsolicited ack/answer stanzas on a periodic basis. This implementation approximates BOSH ack behavior by sending unsolicited <a /> stanzas from the server to the client after a configurable number of stanzas have been received from the client. Setting the system property to "1" would indicate that each client packet should be ack'd by the server when stream management is enabled for a particular stream. To disable unsolicited server acks, use the default value for system property "" ("0"). This setting does not affect server responses to explicit ack requests from the client.