Class PluginDownloadManager

  • public class PluginDownloadManager
    extends Object
    Service that allow for aysynchrous calling of system managers.
    Derek DeMoro
    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginDownloadManager

        public PluginDownloadManager()
    • Method Detail

      • downloadPlugin

        public Update downloadPlugin​(String url)
        Starts the download process of a given plugin with it's URL.
        url - the url of the plugin to download.
        the Update.
      • installPlugin

        public DownloadStatus installPlugin​(String url,
                                            String version,
                                            int hashCode)
        Installs a new plugin into Openfire.
        url - the url of the plugin to install.
        version - the version of the new plugin
        hashCode - the matching hashcode of the AvailablePlugin.
        the hashCode.
      • updatePluginsList

        public boolean updatePluginsList()
        Updates the PluginList from the server. Please note, this method is used with javascript calls and will not be found with a find usages.
        true if the plugin list was updated.