Class ConnectionAcceptor

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    public abstract class ConnectionAcceptor
    extends Object
    ConnectionAcceptors are responsible for accepting new (typically socket) connections from peers. The configuration (but not the state) of an instance is intended to be immutable. When configuration changes are needed, an instance needs to be replaced by a new instance.
    Guus der Kinderen,
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectionAcceptor

        public ConnectionAcceptor​(ConnectionConfiguration configuration)
        Constructs a new instance which will accept new connections based on the provided configuration. The provided configuration is expected to be immutable. ConnectionAcceptor instances are not expected to handle changes in configuration. When such changes are to be applied, an instance is expected to be replaced. Newly instantiated ConnectionAcceptors will not accept any connections before start() is invoked.
        configuration - The configuration for connections to be accepted (cannot be null).
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public abstract void start()
        Makes the instance start accepting connections. An invocation of this method on an instance that is already started should have no effect (to the extent that the instance should continue to accept connections without interruption or configuration changes).
      • stop

        public abstract void stop()
        Halts connection acceptation and gracefully releases resources. An invocation of this method on an instance that was not accepting connections should have no effect. Instances of this class do not support configuration changes (see class documentation). As a result, there is no requirement that an instance that is stopped after it was running can successfully be restarted.
      • isIdle

        public abstract boolean isIdle()
        Determines if this instance is currently in a state where it is actively serving connections.
        false when this instance is started and is currently being used to serve connections (otherwise true)
      • reconfigure

        public abstract void reconfigure​(ConnectionConfiguration configuration)
        Reloads the acceptor configuration, without causing a disconnect of already established connections. A best-effort reload will be attempted. Configuration changes that require a restart of connections, such as the bind-address and port, will not be applied. The configuration that's provided will replace the existing configuration. A restart of the connection acceptor after this method was invoked will apply all configuration changes.
        configuration - The configuration for connections to be accepted (cannot be null).