Class LocalServerSession

    • Field Detail

      • authenticationMethod

        protected ServerSession.AuthenticationMethod authenticationMethod
        The method that was used to authenticate this session. Null when the session is not authenticated.
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      • setDetached

        public void setDetached()
        Description copied from class: LocalSession
        Set the session to detached mode, indicating that the underlying connection has been closed.
        setDetached in class LocalSession
      • reattach

        public void reattach​(LocalSession connectionProvider,
                             long h)
        Description copied from class: LocalSession
        Reattach the (existing) session to the connection provided by a new session (a session that will be replaced by the older, pre-existing session). The connection must already be initialized as a running XML Stream, normally by having run through XEP-0198 resumption.
        reattach in class LocalSession
        connectionProvider - Session from which to obtain the connection from.
        h - the sequence number of the last handled stanza sent over the former stream
      • getConnection

        public Connection getConnection()
        Returns the connection associated with this Session.
        getConnection in class LocalSession
        The connection for this session
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(Session.Status status)
        Description copied from class: LocalSession
        Set the new status of this session. Setting a status may trigger certain events to occur (setting a closed status will close this session).
        setStatus in class LocalSession
        status - The new status code for this session
      • setAuthenticationMethod

        public void setAuthenticationMethod​(@Nonnull
                                            ServerSession.AuthenticationMethod authenticationMethod)
        Set the method that was used to authenticate this session. Setting a value will cause the status of this session to be updated to 'Authenticated'.
        authenticationMethod - The new authentication method for this session