Class MultiplexerPacketHandler

  • public class MultiplexerPacketHandler
    extends Object
    IQ packets sent from Connection Managers themselves to the server will be handled by instances of this class.

    This class will interact with ConnectionMultiplexerManager to create, close or get client sessions.

    Gaston Dombiak
    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiplexerPacketHandler

        public MultiplexerPacketHandler​(String connectionManagerDomain)
    • Method Detail

      • handle

        public void handle​(org.xmpp.packet.Packet packet)
        Process IQ packet sent by a connection manager indicating that a new session has been created, should be closed or that a packet was failed to be delivered.
        packet - the IQ packet.
      • route

        public void route​(Route route)
        Processes a route packet that is wrapping a stanza sent by a client that is connected to the connection manager.
        route - the route packet.