Class FMUCHandler.OutboundJoinProgress

    • Constructor Detail

      • OutboundJoinProgress

        public OutboundJoinProgress​(@Nonnull
                                    org.xmpp.packet.JID peer,
                                    CompletableFuture<List<org.xmpp.packet.Packet>> callback)
    • Method Detail

      • getPeer

        public org.xmpp.packet.JID getPeer()
      • getResponses

        public ArrayList<org.xmpp.packet.Packet> getResponses()
      • addToQueue

        public CompletableFuture<?> addToQueue​(@Nonnull
                                               org.xmpp.packet.Packet stanza,
                                               MUCRole sender)
        Adds a stanza to be sent to the remote, joined MUC as soon as federation has been established. This method is intended to be used only when federation is in progress of being established.
        stanza - The stanza to share
        sender - The author of the stanza
        A future, indicating if local distribution of the stanza needs to wait.
      • purgeQueue

        public List<org.jivesoftware.openfire.muc.spi.FMUCHandler.OutboundJoinProgress.QueuedStanza> purgeQueue()
        Retrieve and clean the list of stanzas that have been queued after federation was initiated, but before it was finished.
        A list of queued stanzas (possibly empty).
      • isJoinComplete

        public boolean isJoinComplete()
      • isRejected

        public boolean isRejected()
      • getRejectionMessage

        public String getRejectionMessage()
      • isSuccessful

        public boolean isSuccessful()