Class IQRegisterHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChannelHandler, Module, ServerFeaturesProvider

    public class IQRegisterHandler
    extends IQHandler
    implements ServerFeaturesProvider
    Implements the TYPE_IQ jabber:iq:register protocol (plain only). Clients use this protocol to register a user account with the server. A 'get' query runs a register probe to obtain the fields needed for registration. Return the registration form. A 'set' query attempts to create a new user account with information given in the registration form.


    This handler assumes that the request is addressed to the server. An appropriate TYPE_IQ tag matcher should be placed in front of this one to route TYPE_IQ requests not addressed to the server to another channel (probably for direct delivery to the recipient).


    The current behavior is designed to emulate jabberd1.4. However this behavior differs significantly from JEP-0078 (non-SASL registration). In particular, authentication (IQ-Auth) must return an error when a user request is made to an account that doesn't exist to trigger auto-registration (JEP-0078 explicitly recommends against this practice to prevent hackers from probing for legitimate accounts).
    Iain Shigeoka
    • Constructor Detail

      • IQRegisterHandler

        public IQRegisterHandler()

        Basic constructor does nothing.

    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public void initialize​(XMPPServer server)
        Description copied from class: BasicModule

        Initializes the basic module.

        Inheriting classes that choose to override this method MUST call this initialize() method before accessing BasicModule resources.

        Specified by:
        initialize in interface Module
        initialize in class IQHandler
        server - the server hosting this module.
      • isInbandRegEnabled

        public boolean isInbandRegEnabled()
      • setInbandRegEnabled

        public void setInbandRegEnabled​(boolean allowed)
      • canChangePassword

        public boolean canChangePassword()
      • setCanChangePassword

        public void setCanChangePassword​(boolean allowed)
      • getInfo

        public IQHandlerInfo getInfo()
        Description copied from class: IQHandler
        Returns the handler information to help generically handle IQ packets. IQHandlers that aren't local server iq handlers (e.g. chatbots, transports, etc) return null.
        Specified by:
        getInfo in class IQHandler
        The IQHandlerInfo for this handler
      • getFeatures

        public Iterator<String> getFeatures()
        Description copied from interface: ServerFeaturesProvider
        Returns an Iterator (of String) with the supported features by the server. The features to include are the features offered and supported protocols by the SERVER. The idea is that different modules may provide their features that will ultimately be part of the features offered by the server.
        Specified by:
        getFeatures in interface ServerFeaturesProvider
        an Iterator (of String) with the supported features by the server.