Interface GroupAwareList<T>

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Collection<T>, Iterable<T>, List<T>
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    public interface GroupAwareList<T>
    extends List<T>
    This list specifies additional methods that understand groups among the items in the list.
    Tom Evans
    • Method Detail

      • includes

        boolean includes​(Object o)
        Returns true if the list contains the given JID. If the JID is not found explicitly, search the list for groups and look for the JID in each of the corresponding groups.
        o - The target, presumably a JID
        True if the target is in the list, or in any groups in the list
      • getGroups

        Set<Group> getGroups()
        Returns the groups that are implied (resolvable) from the items in the list.
        A Set containing the groups in the list