Class FileTransfer

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    • Method Detail

      • getSessionID

        public String getSessionID()
      • setSessionID

        public void setSessionID​(String sessionID)
      • getInitiator

        public String getInitiator()
      • setInitiator

        public void setInitiator​(String initiator)
      • getTarget

        public String getTarget()
      • setTarget

        public void setTarget​(String target)
      • getFileName

        public String getFileName()
      • setFileName

        public void setFileName​(String fileName)
      • getFileSize

        public long getFileSize()
      • setFileSize

        public void setFileSize​(long fileSize)
      • getMimeType

        public String getMimeType()
      • setMimeType

        public void setMimeType​(String mimeType)
      • getCachedSize

        public int getCachedSize()
        Description copied from interface: Cacheable
        Returns the approximate size of the Object in bytes. The size should be considered to be a best estimate of how much memory the Object occupies and may be based on empirical trials or dynamic calculations.

        Specified by:
        getCachedSize in interface Cacheable
        the size of the Object in bytes.