Interface UserIdentitiesProvider

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    public interface UserIdentitiesProvider

    A UserIdentitiesProvider is responsible for providing the identities of protocols supported by users. An example of a user identity is one for PEP (XEP-0163): <identity category="pubsub" type="pep" />

    When the server starts up, IQDiscoInfoHandler will request to all the services that implement the UserIdentitiesProvider interface for their identities. Whenever a disco request is received IQDiscoInfoHandler will add to the provided information all the collected identities. Therefore, a service must implement this interface in order to offer/publish its identities as part of the user identities.

    Armando Jagucki
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        Iterator<org.dom4j.Element> getIdentities()
        Returns an Iterator (of Element) with the supported identities by users. The identities to include are the identities of protocols supported by all registered users on the server. The idea is that different modules may provide their identities that will ultimately be included in the list user identities.
        an Iterator (of Element) with identities of protocols supported by users.