Class DiscoItem

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    public class DiscoItem
    extends Object
    implements org.xmpp.resultsetmanagement.Result
    An item is associated with an XMPP Entity, usually thought of a children of the parent entity and normally are addressable as a JID.

    An item associated with an entity may not be addressable as a JID. In order to handle such items, Service Discovery uses an optional 'node' attribute that supplements the 'jid' attribute.

    Gaston Dombiak
    • Constructor Detail

      • DiscoItem

        public DiscoItem​(org.dom4j.Element element)
      • DiscoItem

        public DiscoItem​(org.xmpp.packet.JID jid,
                         String name,
                         String node,
                         String action)
        Creates a new DiscoItem instance.
        jid - specifies the Jabber ID of the item "owner" or location (required).
        name - specifies a natural-language name for the item (can be null).
        node - specifies the particular node associated with the JID of the item "owner" or location (can be null).
        action - specifies the action to be taken for the item.
        IllegalArgumentException - If a required parameter was null, or if the supplied 'action' parameter has another value than 'null', "update" or "remove".
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      • getJID

        public org.xmpp.packet.JID getJID()

        Returns the entity's ID.

        the entity's ID.
      • getNode

        public String getNode()

        Returns the node attribute that supplements the 'jid' attribute. A node is merely something that is associated with a JID and for which the JID can provide information.

        Node attributes SHOULD be used only when trying to provide or query information which is not directly addressable.

        the node attribute that supplements the 'jid' attribute
      • getName

        public String getName()

        Returns the entity's name. The entity's name specifies in natural-language the name for the item.

        the entity's name.
      • getAction

        public String getAction()

        Returns the action (i.e. update or remove) that indicates what must be done with this item or null if none. An "update" action requests the server to create or update the item. Whilst a "remove" action requests to remove the item.

        the action (i.e. update or remove) that indicates what must be done with this item or null if none.
      • getElement

        public org.dom4j.Element getElement()
        Returns a dom4j element that represents this DiscoItem object.
        element representing this object.
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        public String getUID()
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        getUID in interface org.xmpp.resultsetmanagement.Result
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        public int hashCode()
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