Class PropertyBasedAuthProviderMapper

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    public class PropertyBasedAuthProviderMapper
    extends Object
    implements AuthProviderMapper
    A AuthProviderMapper that can be used to draw some users from another source than the other users. This implementation uses properties to define sets of usernames and a corresponding provider. When a user is not in any set, a fallback provider is used. Each set of usernames is defined by two properties. Use the following property to define the classname of an AuthProvider to be used for this set: propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.SET_NAME.provider.className Use the following property to identify a set of usernames: propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.SET_NAME.members. The value for this property must be the name of another property, which is a listing of usernames (such a property is likely re-used in a corresponding PropertyBasedUserProviderMapper configuration). There is no upper bound on the amount of sets that can be configured. Users that are not in any set will use the fallback provider. This provider is defined by its class name in the property propertyBasedAuthMapper.fallbackProvider.className. The following example defines two sets. Set "A" serves users john, jane and jack, and uses a DefaultAuthProvider. Set "B" serves users dave and doris, and uses A JDBCAuthProvider. All other users are served by the fallback provider that is a NativeAuthProvider.
    • members.set.A = List( "john", "jane", "jack" )
    • members.set.B = List( "dave", "doris" )
    • propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.A.provider.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.DefaultAuthProvider
    • propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.A.members.propertyName = members.set.A
    • propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.B.provider.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.JDBCAuthProvider
    • propertyBasedAuthMapper.set.B.members.propertyName = members.set.B
    • propertyBasedAuthMapper.fallbackProvider.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.NativeAuthProvider
    Guus der Kinderen,
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      • PropertyBasedAuthProviderMapper

        public PropertyBasedAuthProviderMapper()
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      • getAuthProvider

        public AuthProvider getAuthProvider​(String username)
        Description copied from interface: AuthProviderMapper
        Finds a suitable AuthProvider for the user. Returns null when no AuthProvider can be found for the particular user.
        Specified by:
        getAuthProvider in interface AuthProviderMapper
        username - A user identifier (cannot be null or empty).
        An AuthProvider for the user (possibly null).
      • getAuthProviders

        public Set<AuthProvider> getAuthProviders()
        Description copied from interface: AuthProviderMapper
        Returns all providers that are used by this instance. The returned collection should have a consistent, predictable iteration order.
        Specified by:
        getAuthProviders in interface AuthProviderMapper
        all providers (never null).
      • instantiateProvider

        protected static AuthProvider instantiateProvider​(String propertyName)