Interface XMPPServerInfo

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    public interface XMPPServerInfo
    Information 'snapshot' of a server's state. Useful for statistics gathering and administration display.
    Iain Shigeoka
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      • getVersion

        Version getVersion()
        Obtain the server's version information. Typically used for iq:version and logging information.
        the version of the server.
      • getHostname

        String getHostname()
        Obtain the fully qualified domain name (hostname or IP address) of this server node.
        the server's host name.
      • setHostname

        void setHostname​(String fqdn)
        Sets the fully qualified domain name of this server node. Preferrably, this is a network name, but can be an IP address. Note that some SASL implementations depend on the client sending the same FQDN value as the one that is configured in the server. When setting a new host name, the server note must be restarted.
        fqdn - The hostname. When null or empty, a system default will be used instead.
      • getXMPPDomain

        String getXMPPDomain()
        Obtain the server XMPP domain name, which is equal for all server nodes in an Openfire cluster.
        the name of the XMPP domain that this server is part of.
      • getLastStarted

        Date getLastStarted()
        Obtain the date when the server was last started.
        the date the server was started or null if server has not been started.