Class LdapUserProfile

  • public class LdapUserProfile
    extends Object
    Bean that stores the vcard mapping. It is also responsible for saving the mapping as a system property and retrieving it.
    Gaston Dombiak
    • Constructor Detail

      • LdapUserProfile

        public LdapUserProfile()
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getEmail

        public String getEmail()
      • setEmail

        public void setEmail​(String email)
      • getFullName

        public String getFullName()
      • setFullName

        public void setFullName​(String fullName)
      • getNickname

        public String getNickname()
      • setNickname

        public void setNickname​(String nickname)
      • getBirthday

        public String getBirthday()
      • setBirthday

        public void setBirthday​(String birthday)
      • getPhoto

        public String getPhoto()
      • setPhoto

        public void setPhoto​(String photo)
      • getHomeStreet

        public String getHomeStreet()
      • setHomeStreet

        public void setHomeStreet​(String homeStreet)
      • getHomeCity

        public String getHomeCity()
      • setHomeCity

        public void setHomeCity​(String homeCity)
      • getHomeState

        public String getHomeState()
      • setHomeState

        public void setHomeState​(String homeState)
      • getHomeZip

        public String getHomeZip()
      • setHomeZip

        public void setHomeZip​(String homeZip)
      • getHomeCountry

        public String getHomeCountry()
      • setHomeCountry

        public void setHomeCountry​(String homeCountry)
      • getHomePhone

        public String getHomePhone()
      • setHomePhone

        public void setHomePhone​(String homePhone)
      • getHomeMobile

        public String getHomeMobile()
      • setHomeMobile

        public void setHomeMobile​(String homeMobile)
      • getHomeFax

        public String getHomeFax()
      • setHomeFax

        public void setHomeFax​(String homeFax)
      • getHomePager

        public String getHomePager()
      • setHomePager

        public void setHomePager​(String homePager)
      • getBusinessStreet

        public String getBusinessStreet()
      • setBusinessStreet

        public void setBusinessStreet​(String businessStreet)
      • getBusinessCity

        public String getBusinessCity()
      • setBusinessCity

        public void setBusinessCity​(String businessCity)
      • getBusinessState

        public String getBusinessState()
      • setBusinessState

        public void setBusinessState​(String businessState)
      • getBusinessZip

        public String getBusinessZip()
      • setBusinessZip

        public void setBusinessZip​(String businessZip)
      • getBusinessCountry

        public String getBusinessCountry()
      • setBusinessCountry

        public void setBusinessCountry​(String businessCountry)
      • getBusinessJobTitle

        public String getBusinessJobTitle()
      • setBusinessJobTitle

        public void setBusinessJobTitle​(String businessJobTitle)
      • getBusinessDepartment

        public String getBusinessDepartment()
      • setBusinessDepartment

        public void setBusinessDepartment​(String businessDepartment)
      • getBusinessPhone

        public String getBusinessPhone()
      • setBusinessPhone

        public void setBusinessPhone​(String businessPhone)
      • getBusinessMobile

        public String getBusinessMobile()
      • setBusinessMobile

        public void setBusinessMobile​(String businessMobile)
      • getBusinessFax

        public String getBusinessFax()
      • setBusinessFax

        public void setBusinessFax​(String businessFax)
      • getBusinessPager

        public String getBusinessPager()
      • setBusinessPager

        public void setBusinessPager​(String businessPager)
      • getAvatarStoredInDB

        public Boolean getAvatarStoredInDB()
      • setAvatarStoredInDB

        public void setAvatarStoredInDB​(Boolean avatarStoredInDB)
      • initForActiveDirectory

        public void initForActiveDirectory()
        Sets default mapping values when using an Active Directory server.
      • initForOpenLDAP

        public void initForOpenLDAP()
        Sets default mapping values when using an Active Directory server.
      • saveProperties

        public void saveProperties()
        Saves current configuration as XML/DB properties.
      • loadFromProperties

        public boolean loadFromProperties()
        Returns true if the vCard mappings where successfully loaded from the XML/DB properties.
        true if mappings where loaded from saved property.