Class JDBCUserPropertyProvider

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    public class JDBCUserPropertyProvider
    extends Object
    implements UserPropertyProvider
    The JDBC user property provider allows you to use an external database to define the user properties. It is best used with the JDBCUserProvider, JDBCAuthProvider & JDBCGroupProvider to provide integration between your external system and Openfire. All data is treated as read-only so any set operations will result in an exception. This implementation will not explicitly verify if a user exists, when operating on its properties. The methods of this implementation will not throw UserNotFoundException. To enable this provider, set the following in the system properties:
    • provider.userproperty.className =
    Then you need to set your driver, connection string and SQL statements:
    • jdbcUserPropertyProvider.driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    • jdbcUserPropertyProvider.connectionString = jdbc:mysql://localhost/dbname?user=username&password=secret
    • jdbcUserPropertyProvider.loadPropertySQL = SELECT propName, propValue FROM myUser WHERE user = ? AND propName = ?
    • jdbcUserPropertyProvider.loadPropertiesSQL = SELECT propValue FROM myUser WHERE user = ?
    In order to use the configured JDBC connection provider do not use a JDBCconnection string, set the following property: jdbcUserPropertyProvider.useConnectionProvider = true
    Guus der Kinderen,
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      • JDBCUserPropertyProvider

        public JDBCUserPropertyProvider()
        Constructs a new JDBC user property provider.