As of Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.0 the enterprise plugin and Fastpath plugin were merged into the enterprise plugin. Follow these steps to upgrade your existing installation:

For Wildfire Enterprise 3.1.0 or previous:

  1. Upgrade to Wildfire Enterprise 3.1.1.
  2. Follow the steps in the next section.

For Wildfire Enterprise 3.1.1:

  1. Stop the server and make a backup of:
    1. the database where Wildfire is installed
    2. the enterprise folder under wildfireHome
    3. the index folder under wildfireHome
    4. optional: the enterprise and fastpath plugins located in the plugins folderv
  2. Download the latest version of Wildfire Enterprise and copy it to the plugins folder.
  3. Start the server. The new version of the plugin will be loaded and the database will be updated.
  4. Fastpath tables were replaced with new tables so you may want to import existing data from the old Fastpath version to the new Fastpath version. Follow these steps to import existing data:
    1. Stop the server.
    2. Go to [wildfireHome]/plugins/enterprise/database/upgrade/4 to find the import plugins.
    3. Execute the corresponding import_*.sql database script depending on your database.
    4. Start the server, log into the admin console and verify that workgroup settings were imported.