This document provides detailed information for developers that wish to compile and make changes to the Openfire source code. Use of the source code is governed by the GPL or the commercial license you purchased for the codebase from Jive Software. If Openfire source is embedded into another application, that application must also be released under the Open Source GPL license (unless you have a commercial OEM license in place with Jive Software). Please see the license agreement for further details.. Some of the source code in this package is Open Source software developed by third parties. Wherever this is the case, it is specifically noted in the source, and that source is governed by the license given to it by its author.

For additional developer resources, please visit: The Openfire build process is based on Ant. Visit the Ant website for more information. There is no need to download and install Ant - a version of it is included in this distribution.

This documentation is divided into three sections:

  1. Source -- get te Openfire source code.
  2. Setup -- how to setup your environment for Openfire development.
  3. Build tasks -- tasks that can be performed using the build program.

1. Get the Openfire Source

You can get the Openfire source code by downloading a source distribution or by checking out the source code from CVS. Instructions for both options can be found on the source page.

2. Setup Your Environment

Getting your machine ready for development requires a few steps. Wherever possible, instructions are provided for both Unix/Linux and Windows users.

Configure Java for Openfire

Install the Ant Build Tool

The Openfire build process uses Ant, so that tool must be installed and configured on your computer. First download Ant from: Next, follow the installation instructions.

Test the Build Script


3. Build Tasks

The list of common build tasks is below. All build commands should be run from the "build" directory of your Openfire distribution.

For a full list of the commands and a brief description from the command line, type ant -projecthelp. For more complete help on several commands, read the documentation below.

To execute a build task, type ant [options] targetname where "targetname" is one of the targets listed below:

Each task is documented with a syntax guide and description. Optional paramaters for each task are enclosed with braces. If you would like to permanently set the value of a property, add it to build/build.xml file.