Class RevokedOffer

  • public class RevokedOffer
    extends Object
    An immutable simple class to embody the information concerning a revoked offer, this is namely the reason, the workgroup, the userJID, and the timestamp which the message was received.
    • Method Detail

      • getUserID

        public Jid getUserID()
        Get user id.
        the jid of the user for which this revocation was issued
      • getWorkgroupName

        public Jid getWorkgroupName()
        Get workgroup name.
        the fully qualified name of the workgroup
      • getSessionID

        public String getSessionID()
        Get the session id.
        the session id which will associate all packets for the pending chat
      • getReason

        public String getReason()
        Get reason.
        the server issued message as to why this revocation was issued
      • getTimestamp

        public Date getTimestamp()
        Get the timestamp.
        the timestamp at which the revocation was issued