Class OpenPgpContentElement

    • Method Detail

      • getTo

        public final java.util.Set<? extends JidgetTo()
        Return the set of recipients.
      • getTimestamp

        public final java.util.Date getTimestamp()
        Return the timestamp on which the encrypted element has been created. This should be checked for sanity by the client.
      • getExtensions

        public java.util.List<ExtensionElementgetExtensions​(java.lang.String elementName,
                                                              java.lang.String namespace)
        Return a list of all extensions with the given element name and namespace.

        Changes to the returned set will update the stanza extensions, if the returned set is not the empty set.

        elementName - the element name, must not be null.
        namespace - the namespace of the element(s), must not be null.
        a set of all matching extensions.
      • getExtension

        public ExtensionElement getExtension​(java.lang.String namespace)
        Returns the first extension of this stanza that has the given namespace.

        When possible, use getExtension(String, String) instead.

        namespace - the namespace of the extension that is desired.
        the stanza extension with the given namespace.
      • getExtension

        public <PE extends ExtensionElement> PE getExtension​(java.lang.String elementName,
                                                             java.lang.String namespace)
        Returns the first extension that matches the specified element name and namespace, or null if it doesn't exist. If the provided elementName is null, only the namespace is matched. Extensions are are arbitrary XML elements in standard XMPP stanzas.
        Type Parameters:
        PE - type of the ExtensionElement.
        elementName - the XML element name of the extension. (May be null)
        namespace - the XML element namespace of the extension.
        the extension, or null if it doesn't exist.
      • toInputStream

        public toInputStream()
        Return a ByteArrayInputStream that reads the bytes of the XML representation of this element.
        InputStream over xml.