Interface InvitationListener

  • public interface InvitationListener
    A listener that is fired anytime an invitation to join a MUC room is received.
    • Method Detail

      • invitationReceived

        void invitationReceived​(XMPPConnection conn,
                                MultiUserChat room,
                                EntityJid inviter,
                                String reason,
                                String password,
                                Message message,
                                MUCUser.Invite invitation)
        Called when the an invitation to join a MUC room is received.

        If the room is password-protected, the invitee will receive a password to use to join the room. If the room is members-only, the the invitee may be added to the member list.

        conn - the XMPPConnection that received the invitation.
        room - the room that invitation refers to.
        inviter - the inviter that sent the invitation. (e.g. crone1@shakespeare.lit).
        reason - the reason why the inviter sent the invitation.
        password - the password to use when joining the room.
        message - the message used by the inviter to send the invitation.
        invitation - the raw invitation received with the message.