Class IncomingFileTransfer

  • public class IncomingFileTransfer
    extends FileTransfer
    An incoming file transfer is created when the FileTransferManager.createIncomingFileTransfer(FileTransferRequest) method is invoked. It is a file being sent to the local user from another user on the jabber network. There are two stages of the file transfer to be concerned with and they can be handled in different ways depending upon the method that is invoked on this class. The first way that a file is received is by calling the receiveFile() method. This method, negotiates the appropriate stream method and then returns the InputStream to read the file data from. The second way that a file can be received through this class is by invoking the receiveFile(File) method. This method returns immediately and takes as its parameter a file on the local file system where the file recieved from the transfer will be put.