Interface IQProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
AdHocCommandDataProvider, AgentChatHistory.InternalProvider, AgentInfo.Provider, AgentStatusRequest.Provider, AgentWorkgroups.Provider, BytestreamsProvider, ChatMetadata.Provider, ChatNotes.Provider, ChatSettings.InternalProvider, CloseIQProvider, DataPacketProvider, DiscoverInfoProvider, DiscoverItemsProvider, GenericSettings.InternalProvider, LastActivity.Provider, Macros.InternalProvider, MonitorPacket.InternalProvider, MUCAdminProvider, MUCOwnerProvider, OccupantsInfo.Provider, OfferConfirmation.Provider, OfferRequestProvider, OfferRevokeProvider, OfflineMessageRequest.Provider, OfflineSettings.InternalProvider, OpenIQProvider, PrivacyProvider, PrivateDataManager.PrivateDataIQProvider, PubSubProvider, SearchSettings.InternalProvider, SharedGroupsInfo.Provider, SoundSettings.InternalProvider, StreamInitiationProvider, TranscriptProvider, TranscriptSearch.Provider, TranscriptsProvider, UserSearch.Provider, VCardProvider, WorkgroupForm.InternalProvider, WorkgroupProperties.InternalProvider

public interface IQProvider

An interface for parsing custom IQ packets. Each IQProvider must be registered with the ProviderManager class for it to be used. Every implementation of this interface must have a public, no-argument constructor.

Matt Tucker

Method Summary
 IQ parseIQ(org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParser parser)
          Parse the IQ sub-document and create an IQ instance.

Method Detail


IQ parseIQ(org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParser parser)
           throws Exception
Parse the IQ sub-document and create an IQ instance. Each IQ must have a single child element. At the beginning of the method call, the xml parser will be positioned at the opening tag of the IQ child element. At the end of the method call, the parser must be positioned on the closing tag of the child element.

parser - an XML parser.
a new IQ instance.
Exception - if an error occurs parsing the XML.


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