Class RemoteRosterEntry

  • public class RemoteRosterEntry
    extends Object
    Represents a roster item, which consists of a JID and , their name and the groups the roster item belongs to. This roster item does not belong to the local roster. Therefore, it does not persist in the server.

    The idea of a RemoteRosterEntry is to be used as part of a roster exchange.

    • Constructor Detail

      • RemoteRosterEntry

        public RemoteRosterEntry​(Jid user,
                                 String name,
                                 String[] groups)
        Creates a new remote roster entry.
        user - the user.
        name - the user's name.
        groups - the list of group names the entry will belong to, or null if the the roster entry won't belong to a group.
    • Method Detail

      • getUser

        public Jid getUser()
        Returns the user.
        the user.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Returns the user's name.
        the user's name.
      • getGroupNames

        public Iterator<StringgetGroupNames()
        Returns an Iterator for the group names (as Strings) that the roster entry belongs to.
        an Iterator for the group names.
      • getGroupArrayNames

        public String[] getGroupArrayNames()
        Returns a String array for the group names that the roster entry belongs to.
        a String[] for the group names.