Class FillableSubscribeForm

    • Method Detail

      • setDeliverOn

        public void setDeliverOn​(boolean deliverNotifications)
        Sets whether an entity wants to receive notifications.
        deliverNotifications - TODO javadoc me please
      • setDigestOn

        public void setDigestOn​(boolean digestOn)
        Sets whether notifications should be delivered as aggregations or not.
        digestOn - true to aggregate, false otherwise
      • setDigestFrequency

        public void setDigestFrequency​(int frequency)
        Sets the minimum number of milliseconds between sending notification digests.
        frequency - The frequency in milliseconds
      • setExpiry

        public void setExpiry​(Date expire)
        Sets the time at which the leased subscription will expire, or has expired.
        expire - The expiry date
      • setIncludeBody

        public void setIncludeBody​(boolean include)
        Sets whether the entity wants to receive an XMPP message body in addition to the payload format.
        include - true to receive the message body, false otherwise